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2022-12-23 20:34:24 By : Ms. Chaya Peng

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Cassia’s new breakfast menu features exquisitely handcrafted Cantonese dim sum classics

Cassia at Capella unveils a new breakfast menu that features handcrafted Cantonese dim sum classics. The art of yum cha (a literal translation of “drink tea” in Cantonese), is derived from the culture made popular in Hong Kong where guests make merry over dim sum and tea in established tea houses.

Whilst Cassia isn’t a cosy, jam-packed tea house as tradition calls, its interior, inspired by the historic spice routes of Southern and Western China, was designed by Hong Kong-based award-winning designer André Fu. The motif-filled walls and cool-toned furnishings in the private rooms are modestly sophisticated, and evoke the similar sense of coziness while one is gathered among friends and family.

The menu, curated by Dim Sum Chef Chow Nga Ming, features classic dim sum dishes. Highlights include steamed truffle char siew bao made with Spanish Iberico pork and black truffle, and the pan-fried carrot cake prepared with dried scallops, Chinese sausage and dried shrimps that’s complemented with Cassia’s signature housemade XO Chilli sauce to taste.

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For other variety, indulge in tasteful creations of congee, such as one comprising abalone, shredded chicken, shitake mushroom and fried egg, or familiar noodle dishes such as the traditional Hong Kong-style wanton noodle served with prawns, dried flounder fish and Chinese cabbage.

A good yum cha session is not complete without its notable tea selections, featuring blends such as Imperial pu’er, pai mu tan (white peony) & melon, or lychee oolong. There’s also a special mocktail — a mixture of grapefruit, pineapple, lime, wolfberry, soda, and ginger torch syrup.

Cassia Capella Singapore, 1 The Knolls, Sentosa Yum Cha breakfast menu: 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., $58++ per pax Make your reservations on the website here.

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